Workshop on JSPS-CAS Bilateral Joint Research Projects

On 17-18 February 2020, Workshop on JSPS-CAS Bilateral Joint Research Projects, “Control of wall recycling on metallic plasma facing materials in fusion reactor”, was held at University of Tsukuba.

3 presenters and an additional 3 audiences (total 6) from ASIPP jointed the WS by ZOOM meeting system.

Due to 2019-nCoV problem, many personal exchanges were canceled between Japan and China. Even in these difficult situations, we had useful discussions using network meetings.

Dr. Nojiri gave a poster presentation in JSPF annual meeting

Kunpei Nojiri gave a poster presentation, “Effects of strike point variation on divertor plasma in EAST superconducting tokamak” in the 36th JSPF annual meeting, in 2019 Nov.

Before the JSPF meeting, discussions to prepare his poster were done with Zhenhua HU on 2019 Nov.27. Nojiri-san attended by ZOOM meeting. (Ashikawa, Suzuki, Huang, Nojiri, Hu)

Drs. Hu and Ding visited NIFS

Drs. Zhenhua Hu and Fang Ding visited NIFS and discussed this project related surface analyses and LHD experiments with Japanese members.

In the same week, the “2019 Post-CUP Post-CUP & Bilateral joint research Projects Workshop” was done in Nagoya, and 7 members of this project, Ohdachi, Ashikawa, Y. Suzuki, Oishi. Kawamoto, Z.H.Hu, and F. Ding presented.